Thursday, 4 November 2010

and so my favourite month begins

There are 4 main reasons why I love November.
No. 1 is, of course, that my birthday happens in November. (and so the countdown begins...26 more days)
No. 2 is that Thanksgiving (one of my favourite holidays) happens in November.
No. 3 is that the really cold weather begins, and I get to start wearing pretty coats, boots, scarves, etc.
and last but not least, No. 4 is cranberry sauce:
This is the time of year when cranberries are in season, which means they are everywhere. Cranberry sauce is one of my favourite things to eat, and it's so easy to make...all it takes is a bag of fresh cranberries, a cup of sugar, a cup of water, and about five minutes of boiling.
Things I'm looking forward to making that involve possible use of cranberries:
more sauce
more sauce
and maybe some new recipes too

happy beginning of the winter/holiday season!!!
go eat some cranberries

much love,

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